Buben & Zorweg Compact XS

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The COMPACT SAFE series (part of the Bespoke line) is a masterpiece of fine German craftsmanship for the most elite prestigious collectors from the House of BUBEN & ZORWEG. A  refined space savin ...
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The COMPACT SAFE series (part of the Bespoke line) is a masterpiece of fine German craftsmanship for the most elite prestigious collectors from the House of BUBEN & ZORWEG. A  refined space saving watch winding, compact multi-storage safe with elegant, classic timeless design combined with modern innovative technology to create a lasting aesthetically pleasing appeal.

The COMPACT XS winding system is hand-crafted with the finest Italian nappa leathers with padded decorative stitched exterior. The interior is covered in luxurious plush velours and drawers of glossy precious wood inlays. Equipped with 8 or 12 TIMEMOVER winding units and a single or 4 storage drawer (no watch winders) with polished stainless steel hardware and your choice of inserts. Just the right size and space to store your most valuable precious treasures in chic style with prestigious protection. Your watch collection will be safe and secure behind a Swiss security lock with mechanical key and mother-of-pearl accents.

The inner SI-40 German security certified safe with redundent 7-digit keypad locking system and emergency key will keep additonal items secure. The state of the art LED lighting system will beautifully illuminate your collection with a fade out function for impressive effect. Fitted with height adjusting stainless feet for your convenience. This piece can be customized to your specification of storage drawer components and TIMEMOVER winding units. 

Locking Mechanism:
- Safety class VdS I (German security certification) with 4 solid stainless steel bolts
- Redundant locking system with 7-digit keypad and emergency key
- Polished stainless steel handle with mother-of-pearl inlay
- Safe door in finest Italian nappa leather, black
- Safe interior in finest velour, black
- Covered in Italian Nappa leather with hand stitched finishing
- Interior in finest soft velour & polished precious woods.
- Polished stainless steel hardware with adjustable stainless steel feet
- Swiss made Kaba security lock and mechanical key
- State of the art LED lighting system with fade technology
Power Source: AC power adapter
Winding Operation:
- Programmablevia built in control panel
- 650-800-900 turns per day
- Adjustable directions (clockwise/counter-clockwise)
- Speed Mode - continuous winding
- Sleep Phase - 10hrs per day
- 8,12 watch winders
- Single or 4 storage drawers only (no winders) of your preference
- Gentleman insert
- Jewelry insert
- Watch drawer
- Universal tray
Watch Holder: Cradle
Max. Dia. Of Watch (including Crown): Up to 57 mm
Dimensions: 17.1 x 19 x 14.5 inches
Additional Features:
- State-of-the-art LED lighting system with fade function
- Height-adjustable stainless steel feet
- The internal configurations and external finishing can be modified according to customers specifications.
- Fire resistant
- TL rating

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