Anil Arjandas Jewels

Arnil Arjandas

Anil Arjandas Jewels was founded in Spain in 1999 by gemologist and diamond specialist Anil Arjandas . The brand put down its roots in the family’s watch and fine jewelry store when Anil Arjandas, who was only 17 at the time, designed his first piece of jewelry representing a dice bracelet. The designer’s talent was endorsed by the vision he had in creating this piece, unifying atypical components that nobody ever used before: leather, black silver and black diamonds, which became the brand’s signature materials. The interest sparked by the dice bracelet marked the beginning of everything.

Anil’s burning desire to renew and revision not only women’s jewelry, but also men’s, has positioned the brand into a referent by designing iconic pieces with strong identity. The brand was soon known for spearheading a casual way for a man to wear jewellery around his wrist next to the watch, creating the ‘wristgame’ concept.

Celebrating two decades since the brand’s genesis, Anil Arjandas looks back at the most iconic collections he created, and shifts them forward into time, refitting them with concepts from all his newest collections. Anil’s signature setting design is inspired by his forever demand that materials bend to his creative vision. This universe created by him has caused a stir in the world of jewellery through his designs and combinations of materials that never existed until now, continuing the journey he started 20 years ago.